Bridget Discusses Straps and Strapping

Delightful CP enthusiast Bridget is back to offer some personal insights on the use of leather straps and tawses in consensual adult F/M spanking play. After selecting a trio of classic butt-whipping implements from the wall, Bridget makes a few observations about each, before moving on to discussions of strapping play in general.

The leather tawse, of course, is a popular implement for fans of UK corporal punishment fantasies. Of the second strap — a long, thick and narrow leather implement — Bridget cooly observes, “I think this would really bite.” Then she moves on to her personal favorite, a folded leather strap with a stitched handle. It offers all the punishing power of a heavy belt, she notes, while providing the disciplinarian with a more comfortable grip.

Since adult male spankees are usually larger than Bridget, she discusses the advantages of bending them over a stool, chair back or sofa to receive their domestic discipline. Another option she suggests is to have the naughty offender stretch face down on the bed with a pillow under his hips, allowing the lady in charge to rain powerful downward strokes upon his elevated bottom.

Of course even with the physical discomfort associated with receiving a traditional strapping, consensual adult spanking play is ultimately supposed to be an enjoyable experience for both parties. With that in mind, Bridget reminds spankers to pay close attention to their partner’s reactions and body language, to ensure that even a long, hard, and richly-deserved strapping doesn’t exceed the spankee’s limits.

And finally, Bridget gives us a taste of what an inattentive male might hear in her house if he fails to do the laundry correctly. Given the topic of today’s Strict Wives video, you can just imagine what that involves!

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