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Brandishing Her Cane

Disciplinarian Canes MenIt’s possible that for some men, the threat of a bare-bottom caning in the office might indeed keep them on their best behavior. For others… Well, we doubt that certain male employees would ever do as they were told if the price of misconduct or monkey business was a good thrashing from the stunningly beautiful disciplinarian we will refer to as Miss T.

Miss T is the star of today’s free F/M Caning Gallery from Femdom content studio The English Mansion. The lovely and creative dominants of the mansion have been reigning over willing male creatures for more than a dozen years, publishing several hours worth of new Femdom content every month.

As we’ve mentioned before, The English Mansion delves into a wide range of female dominant scenarios, including Femdom corporal punishment fantasies and what we would describe as F/M domestic discipline or office spanking roleplays. Though the more domestic side of F/M spanking isn’t the mansion’s primary focus, it certainly is part of the studio’s kinky repertoire.

Case in point, today’s gallery features the gorgeous Miss T in the role of a strict lady boss, preparing to cane some unfortunate male underling for a minor infraction, or perhaps just because she feels like it.

Miss T (better known as Mistress T) is known for her dominant personality, prim voice, keen mind, and a sometimes frightening grasp of the male psyche, making her a perfect leading lady for office F/M punishment fantasies, or even something a bit more gothic, if your tastes run in that direction.

Click on the button below to see more photos of the exquisite Miss T brandishing her rattan cane in the workplace. This gallery also includes two F/M corporal punishment video clips entitled Lies Equal Punishment and Beaten by an Elegant Lady. As you might imagine, neither of these preview clips are safe for work, so please keep that in mind before you proceed.

Gallery and Clips