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Boudoir Hairbrush Spanking

Brush Spanking Over Her KneeToday’s free NSFW F/M Spanking Gallery and video trailer come from a scene entitled In the Moment, from Femdom content producer Femme Fatale Films and featuring the wonderful disciplinarian and dominatrix Miss Eleise de Lacy. Here is the official scene description:

“Every slave has at least some significance. Her human footstool is no exception and he must learn to appreciate every moment in her presence. It is a great privilege to be at his Mistress’ feet and he will be very thankful… or he will be very sorry.”

As you might gather from that description, In the Moment is sort of a fusion of traditional F/M spanking and light domestic Femdom. The story includes CFNM interaction, foot worship and ass worship, along with an old-fashioned hairbrush spanking administered in a lady’s private sitting room. Nothing too scary on the Femdom front, but some of the lady and slave dynamics may not appeal to spanking purists.

The action centers around Miss Eleise de Lacy, half-dressed in a slinky black slip and brushing her Nordic blonde locks in the boudoir, while her male admirer lies naked on the floor beneath her high heels.

Now depending on how a male spankee feels about feet, or shoes, or lying nude on the hardwood floor, being a human footstool may or may not get his motor running. However the view from down there must be quite lovely — especially for a leg man — and it’s certainly an easy way for kink-curious couples to add an extra dash of male submission to their bedroom spanking games. No fancy props required.

If you are so inclined, click on the button below to enjoy the F/M spanking gallery and preview clip from In the Moment. Just be aware that in addition to a yummy CFNM hairbrush spanking, you may also be exposed to toe sucking, bottom kissing and other forms of minor male submission. Please take that into account before proceeding!

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