Devon Talks Belt Spanking

Corporal punishment enthusiast and fetish model Devon recently popped over from a nearby music festival to pose for a few photos and share some of her musings on the use of belts in consensual adult spanking play. See the highlight video above.

We’ve posted before about the wide popularity of leather belts in adult domestic discipline fantasies. Suitable belts are available everywhere from department stores to garage sales, can be worn openly while mingling with the vanilla population and, when applied with conviction, can make quite an impression on adult male behinds.

Though not as easy to master as the hairbrush, the common leather belt is just as domestic and as such holds a very special place in the daydreams of most adult spanking enthusiasts. It’s the rare male spankee who doesn’t shiver at the thought of having his own belt removed by a stern lady disciplinarian, who then orders him to assume the position for punishment.

As an added bonus in today’s video, Devon delivers a few choice phrases that couples might use during their own belt spanking adventures. There’s nothing quite like some juicy pre-spanking dialogue to set the tone for a old-fashioned butt whuppin’. Further admonishments while the lickin’ is underway only add to the intensity of the experience.

It should go without saying by now that consenting adults should great care when engaging in belt spanking play, or any similar activity. If a doubled-up belt is too twisty or floppy to handle with confidence, some folks suggest coiling most of the leather around one hand and using just a short, single piece of the end as a stingy slapper. That way one can enjoy the fantasy of belt spanking, without having to completely master the ancient art of male ass whuppin’.

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