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F/M Belt Spanking Play with Ms. Kimi

If you’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy a spanking session with professional disciplinarian Ms. Kimi, or have watched her soundly “punishing” young men in her delightful F/M spanking video clips, then you know not to let her soothing voice and disarming smile fool you. Ms. Kimi is more than capable of scolding you for your transgressions, thoroughly tanning your naughty behind and then sending you red-bottomed to the corner to reflect on your misbehavior.

If that’s the type of consensual adult spanking fantasy you’d like to explore, of course. Colorado-based Ms. Kimi is also well versed in the art of mouth soaping, paddling and caning, as well as the topic of today’s short video discussion: spanking play with the leather belt.

Ms. Kimi loves becoming characters such as the strict aunt, firm-handed nurse, no-nonsense teacher or other roles that lend themselves to old-fashioned domestic discipline or institutional corporal punishment scenes. It’s very easy to imagine her taking a leather belt out of the closet or from around a naughty young man’s waist, and then strapping his bottom with it in the time-honored fashion.

And as Ms. Kimi herself points out, the belt can be used either gently for fiercely, depending on the individual spankee’s needs. So whether someone is just beginning to explore his or her spanking fetish or is a seasoned player who craves a realistic butt whuppin’, the spanking session is calibrated to safely take the recipient where he or she needs to go.

If you’d like to learn more about the caring but firm Ms. Kimi, her spanking therapy sessions and her wonderful collection of self-produced spanking clips, please visit her website: SpanketySpank.com.

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