Spanking Drawings

Bedtime F/M Spanking Play

Spanking Art BedtimeWith all of her responsibilities, the lady of the house may not wish to deal with her husband fully and immediately every time he earns himself a bare-bottom spanking. In some cases she may find it more convenient to defer his main punishment until just before bedtime. (Though a few preliminary smacks administered at once will certainly get his attention and halt any naughty behavior.)

The delay between when the sentence is handed down and when corporal punishment is actually administered allows the woman in charge to carry on with her day, while the guilty party gets to fret all afternoon about his impending doom. By the time the sun sets, no doubt he’ll be greatly regretting his actions, while his bottom starts to reflexively itch and quiver.

After the distressed hubby clears the dinner table and cleans the dishes, his wife may calmly order him to change into his pajamas and then park his nose in the designated corner of the bedroom. This will give him some quiet time to reflect on his misbehavior, while his spouse relaxes in the living room.

Then, when she is quite ready, the lady of the house can walk down the hall to the bedroom, summon her husband from the corner, and proceed to scold and spank him as she sees fit. After his bottom has been properly reddened, it’s not uncommon for a chastised husband to be sent straight to bed, with instructions not to make a peep or rub his throbbing backside. Any violation of these orders will earn him yet another trip across his wife’s lap.

This is just one example of a consensual adult F/M spanking fantasy that begins early in the day and builds delicious anticipation all afternoon and evening until it’s time for the main event. What happens immediately after the spanking play, of course, is entirely up to the individuals involved!