Bath Brush Spanking Play

Being smacked on the posterior with a wooden bath brush will certainly capture any male spankee’s attention. Getting swatted with the same brush on a wet, soapy bottom that’s all warm and tender from the shower is bound to escalate the intensity a notch or two.

Sturdy bath brushes that have a flat striking surface can make excellent spanking toys, as long as the male bottom in question enjoys being tanned with a hard wooden or plastic implement. Bath brushes are readily available in a variety of lengths and dimensions and even high-quality models are often quite inexpensive, especially compared to custom-made spanking paddles.

A bath brush spanking can be exceptionally intense, however, especially with larger, heavier brushes, so the male recipient should be either well warmed up or a true glutton for punishment before such discipline commences.

The adventurous young woman in today’s video short describes using a bath brush in the shower for squeaky clean F/M spanking games. That makes perfect sense given the item’s advertised purpose. Bath brushes were designed for the rigors of shower time activities.

Which makes us wonder: The bath brush manufacturers must certainly suspect that their products are frequently used for swatting adult bottoms as well as for scrubbing skin. Do you suppose some of them secretly design their brushes to be spanko-friendly, so as to tap into the lucrative market for pervertible domestic products?

That would make an interesting market study. Offer two quality bath brushes that are completely identical in all respects, except that one has a nice, flat spanking surface on the business end and the other does not. Would there be any discernible difference in sales?

If you’re looking for a quality bath brush for your consensual adult F/M spanking games, we’ve had great luck finding them on Amazon. Your local bed and bath store is probably fully stocked with brushes as well, though you may get some quizzical looks at checkout if you’re buying a basket full of them in various sizes. Just explain to the cashier, “We really love to exfoliate.”

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