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Auntie Margaret POV Scolding

Spanking content producer Pandora Blake has just posted a delicious preview video for her new POV corporal punishment fantasy entitled Spanked and Scolded by Auntie Margaret.

According to the video description below, it seems that your strict Aunt Margaret is very displeased with your recent behavior and aims to teach you an unforgettable lesson with the back of her wooden hairbrush. 

“Wearing a vintage white blouse and tight pencil skirt, Auntie Margaret sits you down for a stern talking to, delivering a withering scolding that gives you a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach as you realize you are in deep, deep trouble. 

“If there was any doubt remaining about what will happen to you now, she puts it to rest, showing you the wooden hairbrush that she intends to use to spank your bottom, and telling you in exquisite detail exactly how she is going to punish you, and how much it will hurt.”

If you enjoy a good spanking threat or pre-punishment scolding, you might also enjoy the preview video for Just Wait Til I Get You Home

“Wearing a prim floral dress and demure stockings, housewife Pandora Blake gives her two charges a good scolding. She makes it very clear what a naughty young man and naughty young lady get for bad behavior in this POV spanking fantasy.” 

Both of these POV scolding and spanking videos are packed with delightful spanking phrases, sure to please any F/M spanking fantasy enthusiast. To enjoy a taste, here’s the preview link for Spanked and Scolded by Auntie Margaret and the preview link for Just Wait Til I Get You Home.

To savor both of these videos in full, as well as a library of other F/M, F/F and M/F spanking movies and photo sets, visit Pandora Blake’s very tasteful yet indulgent CP fantasy collection at Dreams of Spanking.

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