Audrey Knight Spanks Hard

Disciplinarian Audrey KnightDomestic discipline darling Audrey Knight is the star of today’s free F/M Spanking Gallery, which comes to us courtesy of longtime spanking content producer Clare Spanks Men. Audrey always looks lovely, even when she’s apparently quite incensed, but she appears especially fetching here, wearing a very domestic polka-dot blouse paired with a rather short, black skirt.

With finger pointed menacingly and then with hands on her hips, Audrey gives her male spankee a good dressing-down before finally seating herself in an armless chair and summoning the guilty party to bend himself over her lap. The male in question must indeed be nervous at this point, especially since Audrey has two wooden implements close by and ready for use.

As an experienced spanker, however, Audrey doesn’t really need an implement to redden an upturned bottom. She does an impressive job of raising color in her spankee’s cheeks using just the flat of her hand, which is no surprise given the number of naughty backsides that Miss Knight has righteously tanned over the years. We have no doubt that her palm has been toughened to near board-like consistency from administering all that discipline.

Once the preliminary hand spanking has properly warmed the target area, Audrey moves on to the first of her wooden spanking implements: a rather sturdy looking OTK paddle. Raising it high above the naughty red bottom before her, Audrey proceeds to make a certain male offender very sorry that he ever incurred the wrath of his disciplinarian.

Click on the button below to view the full photo set from this delicious F/M spanking scene, featuring the one and only Audrey Knight. While this domestic discipline photo gallery doesn’t contain any overly-graphic content, it does feature a bare male backside being spanked several shades of pink and crimson. Please keep that in mind before clicking.

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