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Sarah Paddles His Bum

She Paddles His BottomIt’s time to enjoy another free NSFW F/M Spanking Gallery from Sarah Spanks Men. This domestic discipline fantasy is entitled The Paddle for Michael Darling and tells the story of a kinky lad who finds himself intrigued by the idea of spanking young ladies.

Sarah catches Mr. Darling in the midst of watching a very naughty spanking film and decides to teach the young man what it feels like to be on the receiving end of such attention. After all, scalawags like Michael can benefit from getting a good hiding just as much as any female spanking enthusiast. Probably more so. Plus the scamp should know how much it stings if he intends to spank anyone else!

Michael’s introduction to OTK spanking begins with Sarah taking him across her lap and applying a slipper-like leather paddle to the seat of the lad’s purple undies. After Michael’s young buns have been properly warmed, Sarah lowers his shorts to reveal the pink and prickling flesh underneath.

With the target area now completely exposed, Sarah applies a larger, cheek-to-cheek paddle to Micheal’s bottom. Then she makes him kneel on the sofa to receive stinging kisses from her riding crop and more attention from her slipper paddle.

This is a fun F/M spanking scenario and it’s obvious from his frequent smile that Michael is really enjoying his time across Sarah’s lap, though no doubt he’s feeling every smack that she administers. Perhaps next time Sarah should introduce the young man’s bottom to her wooden hairbrush and wipe the boyish grin off his face! (All in good, consensual fun, of course.)

To view the full preview gallery from The Paddle for Michael Darling, just click on the red button below. But as always, before you click, please be aware that the photos therein portray consensual adult F/M spanking play, including images of a blushing male behind. If you’re shocked by the sight of a spanked male bottom, then this photo set probably isn’t for you.

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