Amelia Rutherford’s Spanking Interview, Part I

Though world-class fetish model Amelia-Jane Rutherford is known primarily as a bottom in the adult spanking play community, this 6’ 2” spankophile has been quite successful at channeling her “inner Top” for still photo shoots and custom scolding videos. “If I don’t have to follow through with the threats, I love being horrible. I love being strict,” she says.

We’ve enjoyed watching Amelia play the role of strict and sexy educator Miss DuBois for the wonderful (but now-defunct) website Schoolmistress Fantasy. We’re also quite delighted whenever Miss Rutherford spanks a naughty young lady on camera or collaborates in an F/M spanking video. Though Amelia herself is quick to point out that she’s much more bark than bite when it comes to actually smacking anyone.

Regardless, we still relish watching Miss Rutherford mete out a little punishment on occasion, or at least act as an instigator or skilled bondage rigger when male discipline is required. With that in mind, here are a few rare spanking scenes featuring Amelia in a more dominant role.


End of Term: Miss Gibson (Amelia Rutherford) decides to spank cute-but-naughty coed Belinda Lawson for lying about her strict treatment at school. With a wooden bath brush, no less!


The Baroness’ New Houseboy: The Baroness is expanding her household and her girls are brought in to help initiate the new houseboy. The ladies inspect his physique and his capacity to take punishment without complaint. Amelia uses her skill with rope to bind Will in a flattering tie that accentuates his toned buttocks, and Caroline and the Baroness both take a turn spanking him with hand and leather strap to see how he reacts.


End of Term (Finale): Belinda Lawson’s lovely bubble-butt receives 12 swats with a paddle, uniquely delivered by Amelia Rutherford! A well-chastized Belinda returns home with a sore backside and a clean conscience.

To hear the cheerful and refined Amelia-Jane Rutherford talk about the joy of pre-punishment scoldings (in her adorable accent), as well as how she channels her own spanking fantasies into the role of strict schoolmistress or angry wife, just click on the media player at the top of this post.