Alexis Spanks Him Again

Alexis Spanks MenFerocious fetish model and raven-haired amazon Alexis Grace assumes the role of a strict, gorgeous domestic disciplinarian in today’s free NSFW F/M Spanking Gallery from content producer Clare Spanks Men.

This is actually the second installment of a two-part POV F/M spanking scenario, in which Alexis plays a heavy-handed wife who has no qualms about scolding and spanking her husband whenever she feels that he’s crossed the line. (Then again, what male spankee wouldn’t, if he was married to a spanker like Alexis?)

The scene description for episode one reads as follows: “One thing the husband of Alexis Grace should have learned by now is not to let her see his eyes wandering. When they get back to the hotel room she puts him over her knee for a very long, very hard spanking because she caught him checking out the waitress. The tall beauty uses her hand and a paddle while lecturing him and setting him straight.”

In episode two of the series, Alexis continues the old-fashioned domestic discipline. “Alexis Grace spanked her husband last night and as she promised, she will be spanking him again this morning. He wakes up to see her waiting in a chair, holding a paddle. He is in for a long, hard spanking on his already sore bottom and probably won’t be able to sit down for a week.”

This is a fun POV spanking scene where the viewer gets to experience the sights and sounds of being righteously chastised before bending over a breathtaking woman’s lap to receive an old-fashioned, bare-bottom F/M spanking.

Click on the button below to view the full photo gallery from Morning Spanking from Alexis Grace, wherein a strict wife gives her ogling husband a very good reason to control his traveling gaze. Pretty girls might be pleasing to look at, but it’s somewhat harder to enjoy the view if one is continually nursing a sore and throbbing backside.

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