F/M Spanking

Bridget with Very Big Paddles

While she is definitely not a spanker to be trifled with, our good friend Bridget is something of a petite young woman, so it’s quite amusing to watch her brandish a few of our larger spanking paddles, which then appear even more oversized in relation to Bridget’s girlish frame.

It reminds us of a story we once heard about old Hollywood westerns that were filmed on special studio backlots. Apparently some of the doorways were intentionally built oversized, so the female leads would appear more dainty when they stood in the door frames. Other doors were built smaller, so that the male actors would seem larger than life when they entered a room.

At this point we’re tempted to make a clumsy double entendre about how size really does matter (when talking about wooden spanking paddles), but the fact of the matter is that even a very petite and feminine spanker doesn’t need a huge sorority paddle to get her point across. A humble wooden hairbrush is usually more than adequate even for intense F/M spanking fantasies.

At the same time, just because a disciplinarian is wielding a hefty two-handed paddle, doesn’t mean she has to employ it with full force. Measured swats are most often sufficient to create a requisite amount of sting and fulfill the corporal punishment fantasy for both the spanker and her red-cheeked male recipient.

Our thanks to Bridget for stopping by the Strict Wives studio and sharing some of her thoughts on consensual adult F/M spanking play, wooden spanking paddles and a variety of other kinky topics. Check out the conversation in the Strict Wives Secret Library.