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Hairbrush and Razor Strop


Today’s F/M spanking GIFs showcase a 50-minute long F/M and F/F domestic discipline fantasy entitled The Naughty Niece, featuring disciplinarian Kelly Payne. Ms. Payne plays a very angry aunt who punishes both her young-adult niece (Marlene) and the girl’s boyfriend (Darren) when she discovers the pair canoodling in bed, flagrantly violating her house rules.

Aunt Kelly decides that old-fashioned corporal punishment is in order for both of the miscreants. Her wooden hairbrush and vintage razor strop teach Darren an especially hard lesson, made all the more embarrassing for him as Marlene is watching horrified from a nearby corner of the room.


Here is the official video description from The Naughty Niece:

“While visiting her Aunt Kelly for the summer Marlene was given some rules to follow. Her aunt made it very clear there were to be no boys in the house. However after returning home from bingo Kelly walks in to find her spoiled niece lying on the bed in her nightgown alongside a half-naked young man.

“Aunt Kelly becomes furious. She scolds the pair and decides that what they both need is a good, hard bare-bottom spanking. One at a time the young man and woman are turned over Auntie’s knee for discipline. While being continually scolded, they are also both strapped individually with Uncle’s old razor strap, as well as whupped side by side.

“By the end of their punishment, Marlene and Darren are both crying, begging and promising to obey the rules. It is a hard lesson they learn, but one they definitely won’t forget for a very long time.”

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