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Molly Malone Spanks Men

We’d like to thank the very tasteful and inclusive spanking studio Dreams of Spanking for showcasing both sides of CP video performer Molly Malone. Not only is Molly delightfully spanked, strapped, caned and paddled in many of the studio’s productions, but she also frequently performed as a Top, administering firm discipline to several of her male and female co-stars.

As Molly herself states in her Dreams of Spanking performer profile: “I am a true switch. As a bottom I love to be lulled into that magical place. A long slow OTK hand spanking ensures a puddle of Molly! As a Top I tend to be calm and stern as opposed to irate, and really enjoy getting inside someone’s head.”

She adds, “I thoroughly enjoy role-play, and love devising believable, complex characters. I love the interaction which occurs when you share a scene with someone and thrive on that power exchange.”

As a tribute to Miss Malone’s inner disciplinarian, we’re proud to present four video previews (with photo galleries) where Molly gives some very fortunate adult males the red, raw backsides they so richly deserve.

Spanked by Stepmother: Molly Malone plays the strict stepmother in this Victorian spanking scene, taking a firm hand with her adult stepson Alexander Knight. As a dignified young man, he’s shocked that she’d try to exert her authority over him, but when she repeats her firm orders that he pull down his trousers, he can’t help but obey.

Stepmother Molly’s special brand of domestic discipline sees him taken over her knee and spanked until his bottom is bright red, before being subjected to the paddle. Alex’s outraged protests fall on deaf ears, as Molly teaches him a harsh lesson about her authority.

The Schoolgirl’s Revenge: Molly Malone wants payback. She blackmails her sadistic old headmaster, John Beecroft, and seeks sweet revenge for the way he punished her all those years ago. John has no choice but to submit as Molly makes him dress in a schoolgirl’s uniform. In white gym knickers and a school skirt, he has to bend over the CP bench for a firm hand spanking, as well as the slipper and a leather belt. The final humiliation from an angry, triumphant Molly is six of the best with the cane.

Nursing a Grudge: Nurse Molly is outraged when a cheeky patient smacks her bottom, but things start looking much worse for Vincent when Molly’s colleague Zoe comes in to see what all the noise is. It turns out that this isn’t the first time Vincent has sexually harassed a medical professional. Nor is it the first time he’s found himself in this position! If Molly and Zoe have anything to do with it, this is the last time he’ll ever treat them or one of their colleagues this way. The pair join forces to teach him a lesson he’ll never forget.

Slight Damage to the Rear End: You don’t have to be a schoolboy to get spanked by the headmistress. In his debut film, distinguished Sir John makes a serious mistake when he angers Molly Malone. Can she really insist that the Chair of the Governors goes over her knee for a bare bottom spanking? Oh yes, and much more besides. She also insists that he submit to the same bare bottom caning she’d use to discipline her unruly students. And as the crime is so severe, it warrants severe punishment to match.

For more heavenly preview videos of Molly Malone demonstrating her passion for adult spanking fantasies, both as disciplinarian and recipient, visit Dreams of Spanking.

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