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Discipline at the Academy

After fighting (and winning) her long battle with the somewhat ridiculous and arbitrary forces of censorship, the plucky, talented and oh-so kinky Pandora Blake has re-opened her website Dreams of Spanking and resumed posting all-new material for aficionados of tasteful spanking erotica.

We were particularly smitten with her recent Preview Clip for a new POV spanking video featuring Pandora in the role of a discipline-minded educator. It’s a juicy treat for anyone who loves spanking-related dialogue. The description of the full video is as follows:

Looking coy in glasses and modest ladies wear, old-fashioned school teacher Pandora Blake tells you about the punishments she dishes out. She greatly relishes describing the spankings she administers in graphic detail: how she takes the underwear down, what she does if the miscreant struggles, and giving advice about how red the bottom ought to get.

“For the most part, I do use my hand,” Pandora says to the camera, “which I find is remarkably effective. More so than you might think. I can make a bottom really quite pink using only the palm of my bare hand, and many times the person I’ve punished won’t misbehave again.”

However she adds, “But sometimes they really are quite stubborn and rebellious, and in those cases I am empowered to use other implements of correction. So for example, my wooden hairbrush comes in very handy when applied to naughty backsides. It has quite a fierce sting to it! If you maintain a regular rhythm, spanking each cheek alternately for a minute or more, it’s a remarkably effective form of punishment.”

To watch this delightful POV spanking trailer for yourself, and perhaps imagine that Miss Blake is about to use her wooden hairbrush on your own naughty bottom, just click on the button below.

Video Clip
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