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CFNM Hairbrush Spanking

CFNM Hairbrush Spanking

Today’s F/M spanking GIF comes from the full-length corporal punishment video entitled The Stripper, which is part of the excellent Kelly Payne Collection of F/M spanking movies. Here are excerpts from the video’s official description:

“After the manager of the strip club tries to hit on one of the new dancers, played by adult film star Erika Kole, he is surprised to learn that she’s already heard all about his antics and has a plan for dealing with him. Erika threatens to tell the club owner about the manager’s bad behavior, but before she does she gives the pervert a choice of either telling the owner himself or submitting to a good, old-fashioned OTK spanking.

“After spanking the manager over her knee, Erika decides to call the club owner anyway. When Kelly, the proprietor, shows up, the two ladies give the lowlife manager a thrashing he will never forget. Along with spanking him over their respective laps, they position him over a chaise lounge and whip his ass hard with a leather strap. Then they take the hairbrush to his bottom until his upturned cheeks are red, hot and swollen.”

The Stripper has some really nice elements that are likely to increase its appeal with F/M spanking enthusiasts. First, the male spankee is punished completely naked, creating a greater sense of vulnerability and humiliation. Second, the movie features two strict ladies dispensing discipline. And finally, the punishments administered by Kelly Payne in particular are especially realistic in their severity. You can tell that this guy was really spanked!

Click on the button below to learn more about The Stripper, starring disciplinarians Kelly Payne and Erika Kole. While you’re there, you can also watch preview clips from the movie, featuring CFNM hand spankings, hard hairbrush spankings and old-fashioned ass whippings with a leather strap.

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