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Vintage F/M Spanking Belt

We found our special spanking belt by accident, really. It was on a clear, brisk Saturday morning, early last spring. There were still little traces of snow on the neighborhood lawns, but the sun was up and the birds were …

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Strict Nurse Spanking Roleplay

For lowering stress and increasing the flow of “feel-good” endorphins, it’s hard to dismiss the therapeutic benefits of a good, firm spanking administered by a voluptuous healthcare professional. F/M spanking content producer Hard Spanking Vixens, which specializes in corporal punishment …

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Lady Boss Spanking Scene

A lazy male office worker receives a rare reprieve at the hands of Miss Amy Hunter. The young man learns that he may be given a second chance to redeem himself, if he submits to Miss Hunter’s rather unorthodox demands. …

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CFNM Belt Spanking

In the hierarchy of traditional domestic discipline implements, the leather belt ranks right up there with the wooden hairbrush and the kitchen spoon when it comes to punishing ill-behaved adult males. Belts have been whipping sense into naughty male bottoms …

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Kitchen F/M Spanking Play

If you can’t take excessive heat to your seat, do try not to misbehave in the kitchen, where your lady-in-charge has access to a veritable arsenal of spank-friendly cooking implements. As no-nonsense women have demonstrated throughout the ages, wooden spoons, …

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Office Spanking Fantasy

In this free NSFW F/M Spanking Gallery from video producer Clare Spanks Men, a snarky computer technician receives a firm lesson in customer service when gets a little too cheeky with no-nonsense client, Clare Fonda. Clare is completely dissatisfied with …

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