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F/M Spanking Talk: Wooden Spoon

In the latest installment of our F/M Spanking Talk series, four very lovely, charming and insightful spankers discuss the disciplinary attributes of a sturdy kitchen spoon and also describe how they use these ubiquitous cooking implements in their own F/M …

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F/M Hairbrush Spankings

In the context of kinky adult corporal punishment play, the term “hairbrush spanking” can be something of a misnomer at times, because the F/M spanking implement in question might actually be a bath brush, a clothes brush or even a …

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Old-Fashioned Discipline

In today’s free F/M Spanking Gallery, which is courtesy of online content producer Sarah Spanks Men, an adult miscreant reports to strict Governess Sarah for a thrashing with the birch. His punishment doesn’t take place immediately, however. After draping himself …

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Date Night F/M Spanking

We think that most happy couples would agree that simple courtesy is one of the cornerstones of a successful relationship. On date night, for example, both spouses should make every effort to be showered, dressed and ready to go at …

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Brandishing Her Cane

It’s possible that for some men, the threat of a bare-bottom caning in the office might indeed keep them on their best behavior. For others… Well, we doubt that certain male employees would ever do as they were told if the …

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KJ’s F/M Spanking Play Interview

While KJ and her husband greatly enjoy casual adult F/M spanking play, they’ve also mutually agreed to engage in a lifestyle domestic discipline relationship, where KJ’s fortunate hubby gets spanked whenever he breaks an agreed-upon rule or shirks his assigned …

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