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F/M Spanking Videos

Bath Brush Spanking Play

Being smacked on the posterior with a wooden bath brush will certainly capture any male spankee’s attention. Getting swatted with the same brush on a wet, soapy bottom that’s all warm and tender from the shower is bound to escalate …

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F/M Office Caning Fantasy

In this free and extremely NSFW F/M Spanking Gallery and video clip from Femme Fatale Films, the gorgeous and terrifying Miss Krush doesn’t mince words one bit when reprimanding a male underling. In fact we wonder if the verbal part …

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Sentenced to F/M Spanking

Since dialogue is half the fun of a consensual adult spanking roleplay, and since most male spankees simply melt when Toppy women use certain spanking related phrases or gestures, we asked three very spank-friendly females to take part in a …

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F/M Spanking Talk: The Vintage Hairbrush

Most male bottoms have a love/hate relationship with the wooden hairbrush. As one of the iconic domestic spanking implements, the brush is an important prop in many classic F/M spanking scenarios. However, the intensity of a real hairbrush spanking can …

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F/M Spanking Play Interview with Liz

In this candid discussion about adult F/M spanking and domestic discipline play, the lovely and insightful Liz shares her observations on the adult spanking fetish and also talks about how she and her boyfriend enjoy their mutual interest in spanking …

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Lady Boss Spanking Scene

A lazy male office worker receives a rare reprieve at the hands of Miss Amy Hunter. The young man learns that he may be given a second chance to redeem himself, if he submits to Miss Hunter’s rather unorthodox demands. …

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