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F/M Spanking Videos

F/M Office Caning Fantasy

In this free and extremely NSFW F/M Spanking Gallery and video clip from Femme Fatale Films, the gorgeous and terrifying Miss Krush doesn’t mince words one bit when reprimanding a male underling. In fact we wonder if the verbal part …

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Sentenced to F/M Spanking

Since dialogue is half the fun of a consensual adult spanking roleplay, and since most male spankees simply melt when Toppy women use certain spanking related phrases or gestures, we asked three very spank-friendly females to take part in a …

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Hairbrush Spanking Tease

We’ve touched on the hairbrush paradox a few times in earlier posts. Basically it goes like this: 1. Man fantasizes about a hairbrush spanking, finding the thought of it both scary and intoxicating. 2. Man receives a hairbrush spanking, is …

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Wooden Spoon F/M Spanking

With the possible exception of the flat-backed hairbrush, it’s hard to find a more ubiquitous or unassuming F/M spanking implement than the wooden kitchen spoon, which can be used for innocently stirring batter one day and then spanking a cheeky husband the …

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F/M Spanking Talk: The Vintage Hairbrush

Most male bottoms have a love/hate relationship with the wooden hairbrush. As one of the iconic domestic spanking implements, the brush is an important prop in many classic F/M spanking scenarios. However, the intensity of a real hairbrush spanking can …

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Paddle Spanking Fantasy

Some amateur F/M spanking scenes have an air of authenticity that’s just hard to replicate in more scripted productions. Case in point, the fun-sized, domestic discipline video entitled F/M Hard Bedroom Spanking. The clip’s description reads as follows: “You’ll find …

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