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F/M Spanking GIFs

Beautiful F/M Spankers

This tasty CFNM spanking GIF comes from the somewhat low-budget but really fun F/M spanking video entitled Road Rage, which documents what happens when a usually well-behaved husband gets into a conflict with another motorist and then returns home to face his angry …

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CFNM Spanking Session

Just the act of draping himself across his lady’s lap can be a delicious experience for the male spankee, filled with anticipation, excitement, a dash of fear and a wonderful sense of vulnerability. As any well-spanked man can tell you, …

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Hairbrush Spanking Boogie

Vigorous application of a wooden brush to a bare male posterior can result in some rather frantic and undignified squirming and kicking from the man on the receiving end. If you’ve ever watched a consensual adult F/M hairbrush spanking on …

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OTK F/M Hand Spankings

Wooden and leather implements can be wonderful props for F/M corporal punishment games, but for friendly spankings, more intimate play, or a gentle warmup before a longer spanking session, it’s hard to beat the skin on skin contact of a …

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Hairbrush Spanking Tease

We’ve touched on the hairbrush paradox a few times in earlier posts. Basically it goes like this: 1. Man fantasizes about a hairbrush spanking, finding the thought of it both scary and intoxicating. 2. Man receives a hairbrush spanking, is …

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Wooden Spoon F/M Spanking

With the possible exception of the flat-backed hairbrush, it’s hard to find a more ubiquitous or unassuming F/M spanking implement than the wooden kitchen spoon, which can be used for innocently stirring batter one day and then spanking a cheeky husband the …

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