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F/M Spanking GIFs

Dana’s Downhome Discipline

Professional disciplinarian and Webmistress Dana Specht plays an angry aunt who secures her college-boy nephew in place with a tight leg lock, allowing her to give his backside a very severe spanking with the dreaded short Spencer paddle. (Ask anyone …

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Perforated Paddle Punishment

A firmly administered bare-bottom spanking can sometimes lead to an unnecessary amount of kicking (at least from the disciplinarian’s point of view), especially if the implement in question happens to be a perforated wooden paddle. In the amateur F/M spanking …

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CFNM Hairbrush Spanking

Today’s F/M spanking GIF comes from the full-length corporal punishment video entitled The Stripper, which is part of the excellent Kelly Payne Collection of F/M spanking movies. Here are excerpts from the video’s official description: “After the manager of the …

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F/M Hairbrush Spankings

In the context of kinky adult corporal punishment play, the term “hairbrush spanking” can be something of a misnomer at times, because the F/M spanking implement in question might actually be a bath brush, a clothes brush or even a …

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F/M Birthday Spankings

We firmly believe that a rosy red bottom is the very best gift that a discipline-minded lady can give her adult male spankee on his birthday. Not only is the traditional birthday spanking a wonderfully appropriate way to commemorate the …

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CFNM OTK Paddling

From the days when Super 8 spanking films were purchased via mail-order catalogs and then delivered clandestinely through the USPS (and perhaps even before that), adult F/M spanking content producers have been cranking out movies and clips for their niche …

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