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F/M Spanking Galleries

Headmistress Corrects Him

The stunning and very traditional Headmistress Eleise de Lacy is not at all amused by a young man’s inclination to doodle in his college classes. Assigning the miscreant lines is simply not a sufficient penalty, she decides, so corporal punishment …

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Women Spanking Men

When a website dedicated to consensual adult F/M spanking has been consistently producing original content for 15 years or so, it can amass a remarkable archive of corporal punishment pictures and videos. Launched way back in 2001, Women Spanking Men now …

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Disciplinarian Dana Specht

Legendary spanker Dana Specht describes herself as a 1950s-style maternal figure and disciplinarian, providing much-needed, old-fashioned guidance to wayward adults, who range from naughty 20-somethings to kinky septuagenarians. As Dana explains on her website, “Everything on this site is a reflection of …

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Retro Spanker Audrey Knight

Spanking video star and renowned disciplinarian Audrey Knight, looking quite charming in her colorful polka-dot dress, dispenses punishment the old-fashioned way in this free NSFW F/M Spanking Gallery from content producer Clare Spanks Men. Alluring as she is, one might …

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Domestic F/M Caning Play

Someone told us years ago that one of the reasons caning become so prevalent in Great Britain was that the empire was importing rattan from India back in the colonial days, so lengths of cane were readily available for thrashing British …

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Snow Mercy F/M Spanking

“What switchable guy hasn’t dwelt on the notion of spanking a dominant woman with relish? But it’s hard to find opportunities, since determined, assertive women don’t exactly open the door to that sort of thing. But sometimes you can catch …

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