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F/M Spanking Art

F/M Spanking Rituals

Quick and spontaneous F/M spanking sessions can be a delightful activity for everyone involved, but to really put a deserving adult male in the correct mind frame for some serious hanky-spanky play, there’s nothing quite like a slow escalation to …

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F/M Spanking Partners

In today’s original piece of F/M spanking art, a young male spankee slowly lowers his jeans and underpants, while his beautiful, rubenesque disciplinarian looks on with obvious delight, her hands gently cradling a rather serious looking wooden paddle. In F/M …

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F/M Spanking Therapy

Whoever first said that laughter is the best medicine probably wasn’t an F/M spanking enthusiast. If he or she was, then that wise person might have commented that while laughter is indeed wonderful, few things reduce stress, enhance intimacy and …

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F/M Caning Comic Strip

Today’s original piece of F/M spanking art doesn’t have any word bubbles, but we think we can discern the storyline anyway. It seems like the classic tale of a professional young man who regularly requires firm-handed guidance from his better half. …

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Strict Manager Spanks Him

It’s time for another original F/M spanking illustration, this time featuring a heavy handed office manager reprimanding one of her male employees (again!) in the break room. Maybe that will teach him not to forget those TPS reports. Of course …

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Spanking Fantasy Triggers

Ask an adult spanking enthusiast born prior to the Internet age whether they ever looked up the words spanking, paddle, switch, etc., in the big dictionary at their school or library. Odds are that they did. For the hardwired domestic …

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