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Beautiful F/M Spankers

Wife Spanks HardThis tasty CFNM spanking GIF comes from the somewhat low-budget but really fun F/M spanking video entitled Road Rage, which documents what happens when a usually well-behaved husband gets into a conflict with another motorist and then returns home to face his angry wife, a houseful of her girlfriends, and a very lengthy and embarrassing CFNM domestic discipline session in front of several witnesses.

Even though regular maintenance spankings normally keep her husband on his best behavior, the lady of the house decides that she has had enough of his temper and invites some of her gal pals over to help teach her spouse a more severe lesson. He’ll be punished by each member of the group, while the other ladies watch!

The embarrassed and stark-naked hubby is spanked soundly by all the lovely women, including a gorgeous Amazon named Starr who is over six feet tall and towers above her unclothed male spankee.

After getting his bottom slapped raw by several hard female hands, the chastised male receives an awful spanking with a wooden bath brush, the sting of which makes him cross his ankles, squirm desperately and grunt out repeatedly how very sorry he is, much to the amusement of all the ladies in attendance.

Road Rage is a rather unconventional F/M spanking movie featuring CFNM domestic discipline; a bevy of beautiful spankers; hard OTK spanking with hand and brush; F/M spanking in front of witnesses; and some strikingly tall female disciplinarians spanking a much shorter adult male. In our opinion, what Road Rage lacks in slick production values, it more than makes up for with other charms.

Click on the button below for more information on the F/M spanking video Road Rage (which is available for streaming on-demand), featuring a large cast of sexy spankers and one very lucky or unlucky male spankee, depending on your point of view. Did we mention that new users can enjoy 10 free minutes of online viewing?

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